I Don’t Run’

Chili Town (Official Video)

hey, we are hinds and this is chili town💣. directed by Hinds and Alex Delucas. shot by Miqui Brightside and Jorge Lion. edited by Carleone Films. special thanks to Lois Brea and Luci Díaz.

“If his debut, ‘Leave Me Alone’ (Lucky Number, 2016), was an album of festive hymns and full of metaphors, in this second, I Do not Run, it’s time to get to the point.”


If this quartet from Madrid, formed in 2011, dazzled with its debut LP, ‘Leave Me Alone’ (2016), an album of festive hymns and full of metaphors, with the second, “I Do not Run” (2018), They consolidated their bet and decided to cut to the chase. It was expected that Hinds would write an album about being young, happy and carefree, “but we are not satisfied with that,” he explained when his publication Ana Perrote, guitarist of the band. “On our second album we show our burdens openly. We want to be brave. ” And it is that “I Do not Run” supposes the return of Hinds after a period that changed their lives far beyond what they could ever imagine. Since 2014, the group has not stopped spinning around the world. They have always assumed their limitations, with humility and with shame at the same time, surviving everything that has been put before them: world tours, rooms with sold-out tickets, but also harsh criticism, sexism … In “I Do not Run” , under melodies of light air, hides a self-criticism that never before had shown. They may play with the same aggressiveness as any band of men, but their reaction to sudden notoriety is full of sensitivity: the result perhaps of their own femininity, opposed to the common need to feed their own ego. ‘I Do not Run’ shows some Hinds better, bigger, faster, funnier and more skilled. They sound like a group fighting for their space, which does not give its success of course. To a group that has just begun to prove its worth, not only before its fans but also in front of its disenters.

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