Wave Rave and sustainability

Crystal Fighters will hold Wave Rave in Bermeo by the beach of Aritzatzu, with spectacular views over the sea on the July 25. In addition to Crystal Fighters headlining, Belako, Hinds and Niña Coyote and Chico Tornado will perform alongside DJ sets from DJ Marfox and Bad Gyal. It will be an event held in the same spirit in which Crystal Fighters starred in the Cave Rave in August 2013 in the caves of Zugarramurdi. There will be music and dancing until sunrise and numerous activities and actions in order to promote awareness of sustainability, culture, folklore and local cuisine, as always happens at events curated by Crystal Fighters.


Wave Rave aims to promote commitment to environmental sustainability, understood as a purpose of ethical and social responsibility. Crystal Fighters has collaborated with WaterAid (international non-governmental organization created in 1981 and focused on water, sanitation and hygiene) and Raw Bottles (organization with a decade of work to achieve a world free of plastics and waste without sense) to produce a limited run of stainless steel water bottles, a percentage of the profits of which will go to Water Aid. 

“Having clean water is normal for many people in the world, but they are denied access to millions of people, simply because of who they are, how much money they have or where they live.” People living in extreme poverty, women and children, the elderly, people with disabilities and the most difficult to reach communities are the most affected by the lack of drinking water, denied the same opportunity to be healthy, educated and financially secure. It prevents the change from occurring”, Crystal Fighters will also participate in a Beach Clean at  Bermeo on July 26, a day after Wave Rave, to raise awareness about plastic pollution and the importance of clean oceans, an initiative in which everyone is welcome.

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